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The Bronx Dance Coalition was created in November of 2002 to support the infrastructure of Bronx dance companies and to develop strategies to sustain professional Bronx-based dance entities and market them to Bronx, citywide, national and international institutions. The Coalition publishes the Bronx Dance Magazine which documents and features the history of dance in the Bronx. 

​Bronx/Dance Magazine Archives

Issue 1: November 2002: Homage
Issue 2: January/February 2003: Crazy Legs Tribute
Issue 3: May/June 2003: History Dances
Issue 4: July/August 2003: Hip-Hop Is Woman
Issue 5: September/October 2003: The Mambo King of Latin Dance
Issue 6: November/December 2003: Shake is Dead!?
Issue 7: January/February 2004: BDT: 28 Years Strong
Issue 8: March/April 2004: Yvette Martinez: RETUMBAZO!
Issue 9: May/June 2004: Ella International
Issue 10: July/August 2004: www.bronxdancecoalition.org: Under Construction
Issue 11: July/August 2004: Bailando Como El Sol
Issue 12: January/February 2005: Chuck Davis: Before the Boom
Issue 13: Spring 2005: Joan Miller Dance Players: Our Longest Standing Dance Company
Issue 14: Summer 2005: Jawole Willa Jo Zolar - Urban Bush Women is 2o Years Old
Issue 15: Fall/Winter 2005/2006: A Rap From the Root
Issue 16: Spring 2006: Pat Hall: Soul to Sole
Issue 17: Fall 2006: Freda Rosen is Becoming
Issue 18: Fall/Winter 2008/2009: Christopher Aponte
Issue 19: Summer 2010: Abdel Salaam: The Nature of His Dance
Issue 20: Winter 2011: Alice Teirstein: Making It Happen
Issue 21: Summer 2011: Who We Are
Issue 22: Spring/Summer 2013: Arnie Zane: Born in the Bronx
Issue 23: Spring/Summer 2014: Tina Pratt: At Home in the Bronx