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Lawrence Graham-Brown - (Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, self educated, lives and works in NY & NJ) Is an underground, avant-garde, visual, conceptualist, who works in multiple media. Lawrence uses his work to spark dialogue about the "Black" body in public spaces and also as a palliative gesture to dispel the trauma and shame to which people of color and sexual minorities are routinely subjected.

Performed by Lawrence Graham Brown & Damion Brown

Sunday, April 24 | 5PM  

$20 General | $15 Student/Senior/BAAD!



Since the dawn of time, Man runs here and there, like a child in search of an ideal. So often we take tracks that aren’t the best choice. We get mislead, afraid, lost, deprived of a sense of reality, ignoring the real purpose of our existence because of evil that destroy the natural Man. They pervert our reasoning, choke our conscience, and paralyze our will. In very little time, our lives can sink into the depths of earth. All is obscure, and then comes hardship. As soon as Man is born, the race against death begins…

Performed by Romeo Bron Bi




Afro/Solo/Man (work-in-process) is a multi-disciplinary mediation exploring the identities of individual Black men relating to provocative themes like origins, nourishment, heritage, nature, sexuality and technology in the 21st century. It is a bio-mythography that uses multi-media, dance and storytelling to engage the audience in the personal journeys of two men who questions and investigates the memory, life, death and connection to their ancestors. 

Performed by Orlando Z Hunter, Jr. & Ricarrdo Valentine