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​ Home of Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre and The Bronx Dance Coalition

​ Home of Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre and The Bronx Dance Coalition


We made it!

On December 11, 2018 BAAD! marks 20 years of being BAAD! That’s 20 years of holding space in the ever-evolving Bronx for the arts, and blazing a path of justice and equity through art that’s empowering to women, people of color and the LGBTQ community. This year alone:

  • We concluded the Bronx’s first-ever transgender performance series called TransVisionaries where we present transgender and gender non-conforming artists in South Bronx restaurants, and received word that the project will be funded again for 2019.

  • BAAD! was chosen as one of eight NYC organizations to be featured on Ovation TV, America’s only Arts Network as part of their “Stand for the Arts” campaign.

  • Our AATT Academy, an in-house dance education program which brings dance to local 6-9 year olds, was presented for the first time in a local elementary school, plus received support from the New York Yankees.

  • Through our artists in residency programs and annual festivals we gave nearly $90,000 to artists. The New York Times describes our work as tenacious art that “sprouts like grass through concrete in the Bronx.” It’s with that verve and your support that BAAD! has persisted for these 20 years.

Thank you for being on this journey, for being by our side. We will share a series of events throughout 2019 that will celebrate “20 Years of Being BAAD!” Help us launch our 20th anniversary year by donating as generously as you can.