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​ Home of Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre and The Bronx Dance Coalition

​ Home of Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre and The Bronx Dance Coalition


It’s time to uphold our fierceness!

BAAD! has built its foundation on being bold ~ on having an innate understanding that the arts expand what it means to be American and offer possibilities for a beautiful and just world.

On December 11, we celebrated 18 years of being BAAD! That’s 18 years of blazing a path of justice and equity through art that’s empowering to women, people of color and the LGBTQ community. By recognizing our fierceness in 2016, we own our power to continue not only at BAAD! but in our lives and in the world.

BAAD! is LGTBQI leadership in the Bronx ~  Our original intention to found BAAD! was driven by a calling to be a beacon for the LGBTQI community. We felt this calling again following the Orlando massacre when we took the reins and organized the Bronx’s public vigil to remember the victims. The NYC Council honored co-founder, Charles Rice-Gonzalez, for years of LGBTQ activism and service, and Arthur Aviles’ solo work helped open the urgent exhibit “Art, AIDS, America” at The Bronx Museum of the Art.

BAAD! creates opportunity for Bronx artists of color ~ People of Color led arts groups and artists receive disproportionately less funding, but, in 2016, BAAD! boldly expanded our BAAD! Muse Artist-in-Residence programs to double the number of artists given rehearsal space, resources, and creation fees. One highlight was presenting the final performances of the award-winning Bronx Gothic by the celebrated international Bronx-born artist, Okwui Okpokwasili.

BAAD! is connected to our community ~ While our mission is global, we are deeply routed in our community and neighborhood. Last summer, we launched our pilot AATT Academy, which exposed twenty-six 6-9-year-olds to eleven forms of dance and movement.

We’re brimming with plans for next year’s performances, celebrations, community/art actions, the continued expansion of our artist-in-residence programs, and the pilot of our Queer Arts Exchange program to be a national platform for queer artists of color.

The New York Times describes our work as tenacious art that “sprouts like grass through concrete in the Bronx.”  It’s with that verve and your support that BAAD! persists. You have been on this journey. You have been by our side. Stand with us by donating as generously as you can so that we can continue to uphold our fierceness.