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Is this a beginner level program? My child has never taken dance before. 
AATT Academy welcomes all levels of dancers ages 6 to 9.  It is a non- competitive environment that begins at a base level but challenges students who have higher skill. In other words we meet each student at their capacity and push them for growth.  AATT Academy welcomes any child who’s never danced before as well as young dancers who want to improve their skills and grow.

Can I select only certain classes offered (ex. Gymnastics) and not the others?  
No. Registering to an
AATT Academy season includes participating in all of the classes and genres of dance offered.  Every student takes everything from 4 to 10 different genres of movement.  This is an important part of exposing every student to a variety of dance genres in the same program. This summer they will participate in Ballet, Hip Hop, Gymnastics, West African, Capoeira, Bangladeshi Folk, Art, Yoga, Vogue, Boxing, Karate and more!

What is the schedule for the Online Summer Adventure?
Our Online Summer Adventure is scheduled for three days a week for five weeks. Classes are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm  starting on July 14th until August 13th.  There are five classes held each day with snack breaks, rest breaks and lunch breaks scheduled in the day. 


What was something your child learned over the program?
“To be patient, focus, follow the rules and instruction. The respect they show towards

each other.”  

- Joseline, parent


How do I access the online classes?
It is necessary to download the ZOOM app in order to access our online classes. The ZOOM app can be downloaded to your laptop, smartphone or ipad. Each week the ZOOM link to
AATT Academy sessions will be sent to parent / guardian email. Please be sure to set up your device and space at least 10 minutes before signing in. 

I have a limited space in my home. Is it still possible for my child to participate in genres like gymnastics?
Yes. Now that we are working through a virtual platform, our Teaching Artists have tailored and modified their classes so students can still learn and build knowledge in a variety of spaces, however limited.  

Is AATT Academy an all-year-round program?
The Academy is in session for three semesters / seasons per year: Spring, Summer and Fall.  Each season ranges from 5 to 9 weeks long, culminating in a student performance on the last day of the season.  

I just finished registering and paying for the program.  What’s next?
When you complete the online registration and payment, you will receive a confirmation. Once confirmed as a participant for this season, you will receive a Parent / Dancer Agreement form and Online Studio Rules form by June 1st.  Please review and initial the forms. You will also receive a more detailed summer schedule.

“The core values stays with her.”

– Yvonne, parent

“I learned that I can believe in my self.”

– Gabriel, student

“I learned how to do handstands for over 5 seconds.”

– Alayna, student

How do I qualify for free tuition?
We offer partial to free tuition to families in economic need as a way to foster easier access to quality dance education. 

Medicaid Benefit Card and / or WIC card holders automatically qualify for full tuition scholarship.  Be sure to fill the online registration form and include your Benefit card # and / or WIC card information in the Medical Information section of the registration form.  

We offer subsidies through various types of need-based assistance and discounts. Contact Cynthia at Cynthia@BAADBronx.org for details.

When is the deadline to register my child?
The deadline to register for the
AATT Academy Online Summer Adventure is July 13, 2020.

Contact:Cynthia Paniagua, Dance Education Coordinator  |  Cynthia@BAADBronx.org  |  718.918.2110

“My favorite part was making new friends.”

– Carmelo, student