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Friday, March 24 | 8PM 

The prolific poet, actress, writer Pamela Sneed and the LGBTQ/Community Activist Kelly McGowan kick off BAAD!’s new series Courageous Conversations: Strategies for Living and Loving in America.  Courageous Conversations is a free monthly community/education forum that is a mix of topical talks and resilience workshops led by leading thinkers from the arts, media and politics, followed by a facilitated/open community forum for queer people on how to navigate and thrive as the President and his administration position the chess pieces to dismantle and reverse many hard-fought protections. Sneed has deftly interwoven art and a social stance on the power of women and queer people into her works while McGowan has partnered with individuals and leaders who are working for social transformation  in the world as well as in their projects, groups and organizations. These two powerhouses have fostered changed through their art, activism and professional/personal practice.

Courageous Conversations is supported by The New York Community Trust.



co-presented by Dominican Women's Development Center and BAAD!

Thursday, March 16 | 5:30PM-9PM | FREE

ZINISTER is a zine fair for/by people of color and lgbtq+ folks. It is a call for our local artists and cultural workers to disrupt the system through creative resistance. ZINISTER includes a zine-fair, a zine-making station, readings, and more.

Current lineup:
3 Dot Zine, The Coalition, Stephanie Rodriguez, Atlas Magazine, The Felt, Stephon Lawrence, Phoebe Glick, Christa Myers, Nicole Acosta, Catherine Feliz, Lyric Evans Hunter, Ana Maria Hoffman, Margot Terc, Tammy Lopez, and more!

Featuring zines by: Neta Zine, miXed



Friday, March 10 | 8PM

What do we do in times of turmoil? Get ready, get set, take action, and laugh as often as we can. Comediennes Lisa Harmon, Robynne Kaamil, Kitty Bella, and Macha take over the BAAD! stage for a night of comedy by women who will take you down with one joke. You'll be crawling out of BAAD! with a stomach so sore you'll have abs. The legendary Javon Egyptt emcees the evening.


Friday, March 17 | 8PM 

A night of three choreographers offering a dance, a ritual, an action on living. Brittany Williams, Samantha Speis, and Esther Baker-Tarpaga share solo work at BAAD!

Brittany Williams | Menace Cyclone: Blood. Water. Salt In process/progress -part fugitive, and part reality.

Samantha Speis | The Fabric of Me

Esther Baker-Tarpaga | A Letter to White Amerika





Saturday, March 18 | 8PM 

Choreographer Maria Bauman and songwriter Ganessa James blend their worlds of dance and music to explore sacred transitions, thruways, and overlaps. In this work, they focus on the human conditions of constant transition and of vulnerability with love-drenched offerings of body and voice. In addition to Maria and Ganessa, Passages features dancing by Courtney Cook and Sanchel Brown.



Friday & Saturday, April 7 & 8 | 8PM

Ängsudden Song Cycle, is a dance piece commissioned by composer/clarinetist and Davalois Fearon’s collaborator in life and art, Mike McGinnis. The music, bearing the same title, is a landscape tone poem. The catalyst for the music was the work of Filipino American visual artist MuKha, in which she used the disappearing language of a small tribe in the Philippines to create a series of poems and paintings, about the Swedish archipelago at Ängsudden. The content and voice of the paintings and poems influenced the choice of instrumentation and compositional techniques, using only wooden instruments to generate sound through a variety of modes. It combines very traditional, tonal melodic and harmonic structures with text-guided improvisations to create soundscapes that frame the melodic and harmonic content into a sound adventure experience.

Time to Talk is a multimedia dance piece, rooted in research on American history, dance history, racial identity formation and systemic racism. It is inspired by Artistic Director Davalois Fearon’s own experiences of overt racial bias within academia. Fearon uses dynamic fluid dance, live music, poetry, and visual art as tools to bring attention to inequalities within the dance field and society at large. “Time to Talk” aims to encourage and inspire people to take action against injustice by sharing Fearon’s story and asking the audience members to question how they may knowingly or unknowingly contribute to maintaining social norms that support a status quo of inequity.

BAAD! forges forward with the 17th annual BAAD!ASS WOMEN FESTIVAL, celebrating the empowerment of women through art, culture, and performance. The festival includes evenings of dance, theatre, poetry and performance. 



Tuesday, March 28 | 7PM | FREE

HUNGER is an experimental installation which weaves together video, movement, and language to explore desire, connection, landscape, and self through the interior world and its rhythms of awakening, blooming, transcendence and decay. ​


Saturday, March 11 | 8PM

The BAAD!Ass Women Dance Concert is no-holds-barred. Eight choreographers takeover BAAD!. The choreographers from the Bronx and beyond include Aya Lane, Charmy Wells, Jessica Danser, Jordan Martin, Lily Bo Shapiro, Sari Nordman, Shannon Reynolds, Tatiana Desardouin.

performance and artist talk featuring Jasmine Hearn

co-presented by Bronx Writers Center and BAAD!

Saturday, March 25 | 8PM | FREE

Jasmine Hearn’s new solo work uses memories of home, travel, and the waters that we visited, and that visited us, as sources for a collage of dance, song, and storytelling. Revisiting imagery from an ongoing collaboration with visual artist and activist Jennifer Myers, Jasmine intends for this to be a map to follow where "the sable venus" has been in past, present, and future. ("The sable venus" blue and burning is also an account of the journeys of the sable venus, a character inspired by Robin Coste Lewis’ poem “The Voyage of the Sable Venus”.) Bronx Writers Center Director Charlie Vazquez will conduct an artist talk with Jasmine after the performance, regarding the impact of works of fantasy on her work. 


co-presented by Recoveries R US, LLC and BAAD!

Thursday, March 9 | 7PM-9PM | FREE

Join Connie Pacheco, President of Recoveries R US LLC, for an empowering 2-hour seminar providing integral information on rape, and becoming aware of the dynamics of domestic violence, important insights, personal safety tips, and general awareness. Connie is a rape and domestic violence survivor with over 25 years experience in the field working with women and families with training and credential in the latest statistics and information regarding rape and other violent crimes. The second part of the seminar is a hands-on practical self-defense. This seminar is for trans and cisgender women only.