​ Home of Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre and The Bronx Dance Coalition

  • We built an outdoor stage on the grounds of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, and brought live performance, with a socially distanced audience, back to the Bronx, and built a “pop up” stage at the outdoor space of the Mott Haven Bar and Grill to present our TransVisionaries Performance Series (photo left)

Arthur Aviles

Co-Founder/Artistic Director

  • Along with Pregones/PRTT and the Clemente, BAADformed the Latinx/POC Legacy Arts Consortium, to strategize on how our brick and mortar, community-based institutions can leverage support, thrive and advance our work through and beyond the pandemic.

  • Through online and outdoor programming we reached thousands of audience members.

The New York Times describes our work as tenacious art that “sprouts like grass through concrete in the Bronx.” It is with that verve and your support that BAAD! has held space in the Bronx for the past 22 years.

Thank you for helping us stay BAAD! ​ Your generosity is always deeply appreciated but this year it takes on a whole new level of meaning as we continue our artistic vision in these unprecedented times.

​To make a donation, please click here or visit bit.ly/BAAD2020.

Charles Rice-Gonzalez

Co-Founder/Executive Director

Dear Friend,

Whew! What a challenging year. BAAD
!, like many arts groups, faced obstacles like loss of funding and no income from our space while still maintaining staff and paying rent and utilities on a building we couldn't use.  BAADpersevered and continued to blaze a path of justice and equity through art that’s empowering to women, people of color and the LGBTQ community. 

The pandemic threw us a curve ball but with a dancer’s grace we responded by:

  • Taking only one week to convert our in-theater/in-studio programs to an online platform and crowned the new series VIRTUALLY BAAD! and since March 21 we’ve presented 45 original, online events.

  • We converted our AATT Academy athletic dance program for 6-9 year olds into an online program and continued to serve hundreds of Bronx children in the spring, summer and fall.

With love and appreciation,


Our work garnered the attention of the PBS NewsHour

which on October 23rd profiled BAAD! as one of three organizations who were being innovative and keeping

the arts present and alive during the pandemic.