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COVID-19 Precautious Measures & Resources

Transportation: Audience members are encouraged to drive alone and/or use private transportation, to the extent possible. If traveling by public transportation, participants must use masks and/or gloves during transit, and should follow strict physical distancing and safety guidelines.

Audience members will need to arrive wearing acceptable face covers and must adhere to the 6 feet physical distancing at all times. Face coverings should cover the individual’s nose and mouth, and should not be shared. 

Audience members must follow the designated markers to ensure physical distancing, and allow for a proper control of traffic for health & safety purposes.

Prior to being seated, audience members will be pre-screened for COVID-related symptoms for tracking purposes.

Individuals and/or groups will be seated in designated chalk circles to ensure maximum physical distancing across all attendees.

When in your designated chalk circle, you may only take off your face covering when:

  • there is 6 feet distance between you and the next chalk circle;
  • if you are a member of the same household within the designated chalk circle.

All other times outside of the chalk circles, face coverings must be kept on at all times.

Please allow caution and courtesy to the other person so as to not directly pass each other (and use the same entry/exit point) to ensure maximum physical distancing.

BAAD! Recommends

Please ensure that you have back-up protective gear in the event that these items are soiled before, during and after transit or rentals/rehearsals. Consider carrying a plastic bag to isolate these items prior to proper disposal.

Additional Guidelines

  • For your safety, the BAAD! Staff will be wearing proper protective equipment (face coverings and gloves) when interacting with fellow staff members, performers, and audience.

  • Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the outdoor area for audience use.

  • Bathroom facilities are located inside BAAD! Please follow the indicated signs, or you may ask a staff member.

  • We highly encourage audience members to purchase tickets in advance to limit physical interactions and handling of monies.