​​Why do I teach?  

"I coach to acknowledge and maintain self-respect; this is the best way for children to find out who they are and develop the resources to take care of themselves."

Professional Experience  

Bessie Award  Balasaraswati/Joy Anne Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching  |  Performed at Madison Square Garden, Kennedy Center Library of Congress, MTV Asia (Singapore), ACT (Rotterdam, Netherlands)  |  Instructor at The Flea Theater, Broadway Dance Center, Oregon Shakespeare Festival  |  Professor at Queens College CUNY and Connecticut College 

New Way Vogue and Break down what it is to strike a pose and be your most confident self."

Professional Experience 

Artistic Director & Choreographer of Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts, BAFA  |  Dance Specializations: Rabindra Nritya, Bangladeshi Folk, Kathak, and Odissi 

Why do I teach?  "I look forward to passing my knowledge of this multi-disciplinary culture known as Hip hop to the youth. Providing the youth with life tools will help them navigate the rhythm of life."

Margia Shiriti


Professional Experience  Featured Dancer in FX show “POSE” and in the upcoming film musical “In the Heights”  |  Member of The House of Eon, traveling and performing at Savannah Pride and Dumbo House  |  Grand Prize winner in Female Figure Vogue Fem and New Way  |  Recent member of the Kiki House of Louboutin - the 2019 house of the year recipient in the ballrooms kiki scene

Hilda Meza


Why do I teach?  "My goal in teaching Yoga to children, as well as adults is to empower, inspire

Contact: Cynthia Paniagua, Dance Education Coordinator Cynthia@BAADBronx.org | 718.918.21110

​​Why do I teach?  

"To be the first person to witness that look of amazement on a student's

Why do I teach?

"To share the physical, historical, empowering, movement that is Capoeira. To spread this ancestral

Professional Experience  Retired NYC Department of Education Elementary Special Education  Teacher (1985 - 2016)  |  Certification - Hatha 1 & Pranayama Yoga Instructor  Sound Practitioner Training Program - Module 1  |  Jikiden Reiki - Level 1 Shoden

movement to transform minds and bodies."

Bronx (Moses McCarter)



Professional Experience  Teaching artist with a background in Art Education and Art Therapy  |  M.A. in Art Therapy, New York University  Taught visual arts to NYC students in diverse programs, schools and organizations for 15 years, including teaching and volunteering art in Jamaica, Peru, India and Thailand  |  Traveled with NYU's Alumni Art Therapy Program to Morocco and Mexico to serve underprivileged school children

Callie Hatchett



AATT Academy’s diverse and professional faculty provides progressive, non-competitive, gender neutral instruction in movement-based techniques from traditional dance to athletics. 

Sessions are offered during Spring, Summer and Fall to students ages 6 to 9, who are taught introductory level classes in
Hip Hop, Gymnastics, Capoeira, Ballet, West African, Bangladeshi Folk, Vogue, SalsaYogaArt, and more!

Special past and future courses include Boxing, Martial Arts and Exercise.

Our dynamic instructors have traveled the world as professional artists within their own disciplines and are fully committed to the growth of its students.

Why do I teach?"Ballet is for everyone! I teach to bring access to ballet to ALL."

Ashlynn Roché


Yolanda Ramirez


​​Professional Experience  Owner and Head Coach of Life Sport Gym, founded in 1984 (LifeSportGym.com)

​​Why do I teach?  "As a member  of the new generation of ballroom, I am happy to be able to share my knowledge of Vogue and ballroom culture with the Bronx Community. In my class, I review the elements 

Jewel Love


Rudy Van Daele


face when they realize that we've just opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities. That is why I teach."

​ Home of Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre and The Bronx Dance Coalition


Why do I teach?  "Teaching visual arts provides me the opportunity to empower children by fostering their creativity, imagination and emotional expressions. "

Professional Experience  

Awards: Contribution to Art and Culture from Former Mayor Dinkins, Brooklyn Academy Of Music "Dance Africa", Department of Education for Exemplary Service and District 4 Dance Dedication and Commitment  Taught dance throughout United States, Europe and Africa  |  Artistic Director of Bambara Drum and Dance Ensemble  |  Certified Teacher for the NYC Dept of Education

Professional Experience  M.F.A. in Dance, New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts  Teaching Artist for New York City Ballet, Mark DeGarmo Dance and Chrystie Street Ballet Academy  |  Choreographer and Director of Callie Hatchett Dance

and educate  my audience the fundamentals of yoga for creating a positive body through the poses (asanas) , develop a quiet mind (meditation) and slowing down the breath (breathing practices - pranayama) in a non- judgmental zone."

Why do I teach?  "I teach West African Dance to help preserve a dying culture of people. My hope is to bring enlightenment, enrichment, and excitement for dance to all the lives I touch."

Kwikstep (Gabriel Dionisio)


Professional Experience  Founder/Artistic Director of Bronx Capoeira and Capoeira Concepts  |  Education: Traditionally Trained in Salvador Bahia, Brasil; Bronx Native  Awards: Recognized/ Honored by The Bronx City Council as an Outstanding Citizen Teacher of Capoeira; Recognized/ Honored by The New York State Assembly for Excellence and Commitment in Spreading Capoeira in The Bronx  |  Teaching Artist for: The NYC Department of Education, Bronx Music Heritage Center, The Bronx Arts Ensemble