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AATT Academy prides itself on providing a positive, fun, safe, and creative environment, encouraging its participants -- students and adults alike -- to embrace five core values:

“Something I learned during the program

is to dance like capoeira because

I didn’t know know

I can dance like that.”

– Perla, student

In AATT Academy, Arthur empowers a faculty of professional dance teachers who utilize his core technique as the basis for the curriculum. As a result, the program has become a progressive training ground for a new generation of movers: athletic dancers who are in touch with their own bodies and behaviors.


What was something your child learned over the program?
“That he can learn
​as long as he tries." 

– Edith, parent

​​AATT Academy is inspired by the training of BAAD!'s Artistic Director, Arthur Avilés, an accomplished choreographer and dancer who toured the world as a member of Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company before returning to the Bronx with his own dance company, Arthur Avilés Typical Theatre (AATT).

Arthur's unique accomplishments stem from his years of studying
ballet, contemporary dance, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming, diving and various other forms that led him to create his own technique, Swift/Flow, which uses water as its foundation for movement.

“My favorite part of AATT was making new friends and learning new moves.”

– Daniela, student

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions  about our program: dec@BAADBronx.org

  Celebrate individuality

  Celebrate diversity

  There’s freedom within structure

  Always think in the fabulous realm

  Dance together as a community 


“I learned
​trying is fun!!!”

– Nicholas, student